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8 Reasons A Candidate Should Work With A Recruiter

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​I want to explore the 8 reasons a candidate should work with a Recruiter.  I recently ran a poll on LinkedIn to find out where candidates go as a first port of call when searching for a new job.  Interestingly only 11 percent of those polled said a Recruiter.  64 percent said they would go to Seek and 19 percent LinkedIn and whilst these would invariably lead you in most cases to a recruiter, it is interesting that it is not the first choice, so I want to cover some key benefits here.

1 – It is free

If you are looking to buy a house, you could go to the bank and see what rates they will offer you, or you could utilise the free services of a Financial Adviser or Mortgage Broker to use their skills and knowledge to get you the best deal possible.  Moving jobs is equally as stressful and important as we spend so much our time at work, so why not sit down with an expert in your market to get free advice and find the best possible fit.

2 – Saving time

It is often said that finding a new job is like a full-time job.  It can take a lot of time to look through job boards, do up cover letters and send off applications, follow up, arrange interviews, get feedback and so on.  Recruiters spend eight hours a day focused purely on this and can manage the whole process for you.

3 – Leveraging their network

Whilst you may be well networked, recruiters will have a far greater network of clients and can sometimes utilise these relationships to create opportunities for you.  They can also get you in front of the right people, the decision makers, so your application does not get lost. As well as being able to sell your skills and experience properly as to why you would be a great fit, far better than a CV or cover letter ever could.

4 – Access to more jobs

A large portion of jobs are not advertised, sometimes due to confidentiality or time/resources and cost.  If you are only focusing on the job boards, you could be missing out on your dream job.

5 – An expert to guide you through the process

As well as helping you find the jobs and getting you interviews, a good recruiter can also guide you through the whole process providing interview tips, the hiring managers interview style, salary guidelines, feedback on interviews, salary guidance and negotiating to get you the best deal possible.

6 – Passive candidates

Recruiters will also work with passive candidates. You may be relatively happy in your current role and not want to be actively applying for roles on job boards, but still open to hearing of good opportunities and wanting to find out market information, salary guidelines, and possible career moves. You can have someone in your corner, working for you to give you information and notify you of any opportunities that could assist with your career goals and finding that dream job.

7 – You are on their radar for future opportunities

Once you have registered with and met a recruiter, you are then on their radar for future opportunities that may come up.  This could mean you get notified about an opportunity before it is even advertised, and other candidates have a chance to apply.  You will also get notified of any jobs that fit with your skills and what you are looking for, without you needing to do anything.

8 – Confidentiality

The whole process is confidential.  A recruiter wants to maintain their reputation and will work hard for you, whilst ensuring everything stays confidential.  Auckland particularly is a ridiculously small market, and it may be the case that you know people, or your boss knows people at the company you are applying.  Working through a recruiter, you can rest assured it will be kept totally confidential.

Get in touch today if you would like confidential expert advice around your next career move in the legal sector.