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The War on Talent

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​The legal recruitment market in New Zealand is competitive and has been for some time. Law firms are facing a candidate shortage, with the market being flooded by international recruiters. As legal talent shortages spread across the globe, the UK and Australia have been aggressively recruiting talent directly from New Zealand. Several candidates have now headed off on their OE, despite the covid situation, after delaying for a year already.

This is a trend law firms in New Zealand have been watching closely and means that law firms are having to compete harder for talent. This has resulted in an increase in salaries and other benefits on offer as firms compete not only to retain but also to attract the best talent.

Corporate/Commercial and Commercial Property lawyers continue to be in high demand, with a number of firms succession planning in this space and growth in the sector, providing opportunities from junior right up to Partner/Director level. Specialist areas like banking, technology, trusts and employment have also seen an increase in demand in recent months. In general good lawyers with a couple of years experience and good academics are highly sought after.

What does this mean for you? If you are not heading off on your OE, then it is a great time to have a career review and figure out what is your next move, whether for now or in the future. It is a candidate driven market at the moment and Altitude Recruitment can help you find your dream job without having to leave home.