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Covid And The Changing World of Work - Poll Results

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Flexible Working (4)

Altitude Recruitment have been running a number of polls on LinkedIn throughout the lockdown to find out what is going on in the market, people's work preferences and what working life is likely to look like when Auckland does return to some semblance of normality. As promised here are the results and our findings below.

Lockdown work/life balance 

A recent article suggested that Kiwis are working more hours during lockdown, so we decided to run a poll and found that in fact 64% are working more hours, this could be due to blurred work/life balance as well as a staggered workload around other colleagues. Whilst many might feel like they are getting more done at home, they might not have realised the hours slowly increasing as they work to fit things around their home life - unless you worked from home prior to the pandemic, you might not have working boundaries in place to protect you from being burnt out or taking on more than you can handle. 

Are you working more hours during lockdown?

Yes 64%

No, less hours 15%

About the same 21%

Location, location

When looking at if people prefer working from home or the office however, despite the majority putting in more hours at home, 43% of people still preferred this likely due to having more flexible hours and more time with family. A strong 50% wanted to return to the office, and whilst in Auckland we are still looking to be in lockdown for some time, a lot of people are thinking to the future with a preference for hybrid working. Hybrid working is certainly a solution that offers the best of both worlds and many people will be looking to keep the flexibility once lockdowns have ended, with firms having to adapt in the long term to accommodate this. 

Where do you prefer working?

43% Home

50% Office

7% Other

What makes a good lawyer?

There is a real focus on academic transcripts in NZ law firms, however the poll results show that only 1% believe that academics make a good lawyer. More focus was put on more transferable skills with problem solving coming out at 46%, followed by communication and people skills tied at 26% each. 

What makes a good lawyer?

Academics 1%

Communication skills 26%

People skills 26%

Problem solving 46%

The Great Resignation

There is a lot of talk globally about the great resignation and with many reassessing their jobs and desired lifestyle, lockdowns have been the push they’ve needed to start looking for something that is more closely aligned with what they want. For employers to ride out the storm, firms will have to meet these expectations if they want to attract and retain talent. 

Are you likely to move from your current role in the next 6 months?

Yes actively looking 44%

No, too much uncertainty 23%

Possibly 33%

Are you considering a move? Do you have any questions on how to negotiate a position that works for you? Are you looking at adding to your team or just want some advice around staff retention? Let's chat.