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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

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​A recent article in the Herald, suggested that 1 in 3 under 35 year old's will head overseas in the next five years. It is a trend we are already seeing in Australia with border restrictions loosening and it certainly echoes conversations I am having with candidates in the market.

After nearly two years feeling trapped in New Zealand, a number of candidates have itchy feet and it is looking likely that when borders re-open we may see a mass exodus of young lawyers heading over to Australia, the UK and some even the US and Cayman Islands in search of pastures new. Some top lawyers are getting headhunted as many as 15 times a day by overseas firms. Whilst there are many benefits to the traditional OE, instead I want to explore the benefits for those who decide not to go.

With talent moving overseas it is creating some really unique opportunities for those that stay behind. Speaking with some Junior and Intermediate candidates in Auckland, some are already seeing the benefits of the talent shortage with access to really high level work and gaining more hands on experience than ever with transactions that would normally be saved for Senior solicitors. With smaller teams, there is more direct Partner access and better opportunities for career progression. Salaries are increasing with the demand and firms are offering a number of really exciting benefits; flexible working, extra leave, wellness packages, sign on bonuses, part time and remote opportunities as well as secondments at some of New Zealand's largest corporate clients.

If there is anything you wish you could change about your current role, now is your chance to have your say and create the role that fits with your career and life goals. If you would like to explore opportunities or the current market or just like a confidential conversation around career options and whether or not to head overseas, get in touch for a confidential conversation.