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The Great Resignation And How To Get Ahead Of It

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​There is a lot of talk globally around the Great Resignation. After nearly two years of covid, with lockdowns, restrictions and strain on people's mental wellbeing, it is no surprise a number of people are rethinking their priorities and considering a move.

It is looking likely that the Great Resignation will hit Auckland in the New Year and the already buoyant legal market will heat up even further, but what does this mean if you are a law firm seeking staff, or if you are a candidate wanting a new opportunity?

For firms, it is important not to slow down in the lead up to Christmas and to really keep the foot on the accelerator. In the last few weeks there has been an increase in candidate movement and this is set to pick up even further in the New Year. February is traditionally the busiest time in the world of legal recruitment, as people come back from a nice long summer break fancying a change, add to that possible border restrictions loosening sending some candidates overseas and a greater number of people thinking about next steps after a challenging three months in lockdown.

Firms will also need to act fast to get the best talent, as we are already seeing good candidates get multiple offers and the recruitment processes moving much faster than normal. Firms need to be selling the opportunity as best as possible, really knowing their USPs, where they position themselves in the market, what makes them unique and really why the candidate should pick them. Firms also need to look beyond salaries and be finding out exactly what each candidate is looking for, whether it is flexible working, extra leave, more responsibility, pathway to Partnership.

Remember that your Employer Brand will make an impact at every stage of the application process, and no matter the candidate's experience, word of mouth is something that will influence future openings - it is within your power to make it a positive review even if the candidate is unsuccessful.  Firms that adjust their recruitment process to the candidate experience will have the best success going into 2022.

And for candidates?

If you are looking for a new role in the New Year, register your interest now to get a jump start. Many firms are interviewing now for a January start and while yes there may well be even more opportunities in the New Year, there will also be more competition. It is also worth noting with the recent announcement of Kiwis being able to return from overseas in January and February, we may see a number of good lawyers returning from the UK and other jurisdictions.

Have a think about what exactly it is you hope to achieve from your move, as there has never been a better market to have your say and really create the role that not only fits with your career goals, but your lifestyle and personal goals too. Reach out to a trusted Recruitment Agent, who can keep an eye on the market for you and notify you of any opportunities that might fit.

For both clients and candidates a pro-active approach will get the best results. Please reach out for a confidential conversation if you are looking at adding to your team, or would like a confidential conversation around next steps in your career.