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What Does The Red Traffic Light Setting Mean For The Job Market?

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​Every time I hear of the Red traffic light settings in response to Omicron, I must confess it makes me think of the popular Netflix series Squid Game, anyone else?

I have had a few people ask me recently how I think the new red traffic light settings will affect the job market. Honestly, I don't see that there will be much effect, at least not at this stage and particularly not in the legal sector. The legal sector is booming, the talent shortage still remains, I am continuing to pick up new jobs and candidates are still heading off overseas despite the Covid situation globally. As expected, there is movement in the market and the confidence seems to be remaining.

Clients are very used to zoom interviewing and remote onboarding and they learnt the hard way after the first 2020 lockdown that the legal market bounced back with great speed and not to push pause on recruitment.

I saw an article yesterday that Corporate M&A deals were up 400% in New Zealand last year, which gives an indication on how strong the market is and this looks set to continue well into 2022.

A poll I ran on LinkedIn yesterday shows that 60 percent of my network are already working from home and I have spoken with a number of other lawyers and clients who are doing a hybrid, travelling into the office for important meetings. Time will tell as to the full effects of Omicron, but in terms of the legal job market, there has never been a better time to move.

The shortage of talent is creating some really unique opportunities, salaries have increased and good lawyers will continue to be in demand. So, if you are considering next steps or just want a confidential conversation around the current market don't hesitate to get in touch.