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  • CEO, Boutique Law Firm
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    ​Louise at Altitude Recruitment is professional and effective. Over several projects she has proven capable of sourcing high caliber candidates and of moving through the recruitment process smoothly to the benefit of both the firm and the candidate.

    CEO, Boutique Law Firm

  • Senior Property Solicitor
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    ​Searching for the right job can be stressful and time consuming, so I was impressed by how simple Louise made the process for me. I appreciated the continuous support she provided and for keeping me updated throughout the entire process. I could not have asked for a better outcome. Thanks Louise!

    Senior Property Solicitor

    , Boutique Firm

  • Senior Corporate Solicitor
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    ​Louise is different from other recruiters I have dealt with - she is always approachable, prompt in response, friendly, knows what your needs are and efficient. I could smoothly transit to my current position thanks to Louise, wish to recommend her to everyone. Thank you Louise, you are amazing!

    Senior Corporate Solicitor

    , Mid Tier Firm

  • Senior Trust Solicitor
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    Louise is efficient and professional, but also approachable, and helped place me in a role I love. Even after I got the role, she remained in contact and has always been available for general advice. Louise exceeded my expectations of what I was expecting a recruiter to be, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone considering changing employment.​

    Senior Trust Solicitor

    , Mid Tier Firm

  • Senior Associate - Property
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    ​Louise is friendly, professional and extremely helpful. She approached me with a dream role with an amazing law firm which I love so much right now! She helped me through the entire process and kept me informed every step of the way. Thank you Louise for all your hard work and I wish you all the success!!!

    Senior Associate - Property

    Boutique Firm

  • Trust Director
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    ​Louise provided professional, transparent and regular communication during the recruitment process. Her professionalism and pragmatic approach really helped provide clarity for me as a client. I highly recommend her services particularly if you are an expat looking to return to NZ. I wish her the best for her company moving forward.

    Trust Director

  • Senior Litigation Solicitor
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    ​I had a great experience with Louise, she really understood what I was looking for from a new role, was very patient and provided her honest view of the best way forward. Thank you Louise.

    Senior Litigation Solicitor

    , Boutique Firm

  • Director, General Practice
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    "Prompt helpful communication and great candidates"

    Director, General Practice

  • Practice Manager, Mid- Tier Firm
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    "I have been working with Louise for a number of years. She has always been a pleasure to deal with. The candidates she presents are always of great caliber and Louise takes time to find the right fit which for us is very important. Highly recommend working with Louise."

    Practice Manager, Mid- Tier Firm

    , Financial Services Company